Vintages, it’s our choice

The Vintage, unique in Armagnac. In the world of spirits where most are products made from cereals or other distilled raw materials throughout the year, Armagnac is, on the contrary, a natural extension of the culture of the vine with its cycles, its years… its vintages. The art of blending grape varieties to produce top-quality vintage Armagnacs is very wide spread producing VSOP, Hors D’age, 25 years old, etc. and offering a palette of tastes, aromas, balance and consistency that reassures customers. The vintage in Armagnac is another thing; close to wines but so different.

The quality of each vintage is therefore partly related to the climatic conditions of that year. For this reason, most vintages in the Armagnac region are potentially marketable.  Nevertheless, these eaux-de-vie require particular care, individual attention during ageing adapted to each eau-de-vie and finally a selection of years will be chosen to be vintages.  Ultimately, each vintage from each producer has its own character and personality, its own style with notes of patisserie, aromas of dried fruits, notes more volatile or soft, with intensity or mildness. This is the realm of tailor-made, the very top-of-the-range.

Domaine “à Lafitte” chose to specialize in vintaged Bas-Armagnac since its inception. Because a vintage is a proof of excellence and meticulous and hard producer’s work.

Thus, each vintage is unique, has its own characteristics, because many factors enter into the final product quality (soil, grape variety, distillation, man touch…). It is also that, the beauty of nature!
Armagnacs Domaine "à Lafitte"