Armagnac Perfumes

The Armagnac aromas naturally decline with brandies age

The heart of this palette gives age marks. They highlight the evolution of aromatic families that appear or dominate over time.

From the youngest to the oldest Armagnac vintages, the evolution is progressive and continuous: there are no strong boundaries between an aromatic VSOP (over 4 years in a cask) and “Hors d’Âge” (over 10 years in a cask). Wine aromas concentrated by the still get richer, evaporate, overlap each other, mask themselves, transform, and sublime in contact with the barrel and over time. The work of the winemaker further enriches the aromatic palette of Armagnac’s assemblies. At Domaine “à Lafitte” we produce only Vintages. Each vintage has its own particularity, it goes from fruity tastes for young armagnacs to old woody or leather aromas for the oldest ones.


Les parfums de l'Armagnac. Domaine "à Lafitte", BNIA

Armagnac perfumes palette. Domaine “à Lafitte”, BNIA

Armagnac producers regroup these flavors by aromatic family with proper specificities of each brandy and with the evolution towards maturity: a warm nose and aromas evoking the cooking and concentration of wine’s fruity and floral notes in the still are the aromatic roots of young Armagnac. Aromatic families that follow reflect the marriage of brandy and wood (pastry notes are an illustration) and the slow evolution of fruity and woody aromas. After twenty years, many Armagnac are named “rancio”, a term that describes a mature brandy.

Terms that are cited in the outer part of the palette can and should be completed at leisure. If each Armagnac has its own personality, each taster has his own references and his personal imagination to interpret his feelings. Enjoy tasting…

Caption BNIA