Le Domaine “à Lafitte”

Olga et Jean-Philippe Bachos du Domaine à  Lafittte

Olga et Jean-Philippe Bachos

Over the generations, over the years, the ability of some, the innovations of others, progressively make the “à Lafitte” Armagnac an excellence product for both amateurs and connoisseurs.


Situated in Bas-Armagnac territory, men of the Bachos family, André, Gabriel and Pierre have succeeded one another, all enriching the work of a lifetime since 1945. At the end of its agricultural studies, Jean-Philippe took over the family farm, thus completing the expertise of his ancestors.

The different grape varieties are: “Baco” and “Ugni Blanc”, perfect for distilation.

Domaine “à Lafitte” produces in small quantities. However, the reputation of its Armagnac exceeded its borders.

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