Armagnac pairing

A common question we have : “Which dish could be paired with Armagnac?”

Commonly, after a meal …

First, the Domaine “à Lafitte” Bas-Armagnac is an excellent digestive and can be perfect for your purposes meals. Connoisseur will also appreciate old Bas-Armagnac Domaine “à Lafitte” as the 1985 vintage or 1974 with a cigar. This pairing is perfect.

Also from starter to dessert …

Armagnac can also be drunk throughout the meal. This can be a great time to discover the different vintages’ flavors. Starting with the youngest which can be served with ice and older with game, duck or a mushroom omelette, to stay in the Gascony tradition. The old Armagnacs will pair very well with veined cheeses (fourme, Roquefort, Gorgonzola) also.

In terms of dessert, you will be surprised by the marriage of Domaine “à Lafitte” Bas-Armagnac 1992 or 1985 with fruit or chocolate desserts !

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