Conference about Armagnac at Vinitaly 2015

Last March, 23, Domaine à Lafitte had the chance to present Armagnac and the family business during Vinitaly 2015 fair in Verona. A special occasion to speak about a production still little known abroad, but always appreciated.

The audience was able to “learn” Armagnac by tasting 4 vintages of our family business.

Thus, the conference was about the history of Armagnac without forgetting to mention Gascony and D’Artagnan – the native celebrity from our lands.

Our products range  that  journalists and international professionals have discovered, surprised and interested them more than we expected.

It is always a pleasure to share our work and our tradition.

Armagnac Domaine à Lafitte Anton Dmitriev Presentation

Presentation Armagnac Domaine à Lafitte

Armagnac Domaine à Lafitte Anton Dmitriev Presentation

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