700 years of history with Armagnac

Did you know? Armagnac is 700 years old!!!

The first major reference allowing us to date the origins of Armagnac is a document describing its therapeutic virtues in 1310.

In 1310, the Cardinal Vital du Four, prior of Eauze (Gers, France), wrote a scientific encyclopaedia entitled ‘Very useful book to conserve your health and stay on top form’

In this book that is kept in the Vatican library in Rome, the author describes the forty virtues of Aygue Ardente, an eau-de-vie that would later take the name of the land on which it is made, Armagnac.

In 2010, the BNIA, Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l’Armagnac, obtained a facsimile of this document from the Vatican library: Armagnac is thus the oldest French eau-de-vie.

Texte Vatican Armagnac                          Texte Vatican Armagnac                         Texte Vatican Armagnac                         Texte Vatican Armagnac

Source : BNIA